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Contract Manufacturing in México

Carrying out your contract manufacturing process with TIJ Solutions is the best option for most companies at an early stage, as well as for small and medium-sized companies, even for companies that are in a mature stage and aren’t ready to start an operation directly or simply want to have savings in their current process.


We have experience in assemblies and sub-assemblies of parts, taking care of the material handling.


If you already have a manufacturing operation, you can move that same operation to Mexico.


We assemble electronic devices, circuits and other materials for your small or medium business.

Special projects

If you have a short or long-term project at TIJ Solutions, we can do it efficiently.


Producing in Mexico reduces costs considerably.

Our customers usually find our costs the most competitive in the market.

Contract Manufacturing in México


We believe in full dedication and the satisfaction of a job well done because we like what we do.


Our is key location, provides great savings opportunities to our partners and which allows us to make deliveries on time

Advantages of using TIJ Solutions
as a manufactory in México

Lower cost of labor

Without expensive hiring, training or supervision.

Workers are not required to pay hourly

Eliminate US medical expenses

Some of our clients

We pursue lasting relationships with our customers, find the manufacturing partner is a matter of confidence, consistent quality and low prices, here at TIJ Solutions we focus on the satisfaction of our customers, we guarantee 100% of our services and prioritize what matters most to us to our customers.


Also we offer to our clients a safe storage service for their products.

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