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Hours of operation: 09:00 AM - 6:00 PM


Because we understand that speed is important


With this modality all you need to do is provide us with the product, packaging materials required and instructions.


We have experience in assemblies and sub-assemblies of parts, taking care of the material handling.

Inspection and Draw

We have 100% trained personnel with a high criterion about quality.


The re-work of a product or component can be the answer to improve or solve quality problems.

Special projects

If you have a short or long-term project at TIJ Solutions, we can do it efficiently.


If you already have a manufacturing operation, you can move that same operation to Mexico and significantly reduce the cost of Labor immediately.

Benefits of working with TIJ Solutions

Best prices
We offer competitive labor costs, our proximity to the United States results in affordable costs for your production.

Waiting Time
Reduce costs by paying storage charges since your products do not arrive in weeks.

Shipping costs 
Reduce the shipping costs. We are a few minutes from the border with the United States and bringing your product is much easier.

Visit your production
Attend the manufacture of your product personally at any time.

We complement or replace part of your internal production on a small or large scale, in a variety of jobs such as Assembly, Packaging, Procurement, Sub-assemblies, Special Projects, Draws and Reworks.

We believe in full dedication and the satisfaction of a job well done because we like what we do, so we are clearly aware that our success is closely linked to the full satisfaction of our customers and we always work to improve our services.

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